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GEA Flow Components presents at Interpack 2014
Cleaning Technology and Aseptic Filling!

GEA Aseptomag exhibits the aseptic filling module IBCfill®. A fully aseptic stand-alone unit for filling and emptying industrial bulk container of 200 up to 1600 l.

GEA Breconcherry Cleaning Technology presents three new cleaners for optimal tank cleaning: Tornado 4, a large and powerful jetting cleaner with a cleaning diameter up to 33 meters!, The hygienic rotating cleaner Torrent with low pressure and high flow rates and Twister, the small orbital cleaner for 100mm holes.

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Products of the Business Unit
GEA Flow Components
(4 Business Lines)

Hygienic Valve Technology: GEA Tuchenhagen
Hygienic Pump Technology : GEA Tuchenhagen
Cleaning Technology: GEA Breconcherry
Aseptic Valve Technology : GEA Aseptomag

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