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Valve technology made by GEA Flow Components

VARIVENT® Valve System

VARIVENT® Mixproof Valve

VARIVENT® Mixproof Valve

VARIVENT® Modulating Control Valve

Modulating Control Valve

Our VARIVENT® valves are the core component in matrix-piped process plants. They are operationally reliable, easy to maintain and suitable for CIP/SIP operations. They contribute significantly to the highest product quality.

The VARIVENT® system is a flexible, modular system that has many advantages: for instance standardized parts that go with various valve types.


Advantages at a glance

  • Cost-effectiveness for the plant owner
  • Optimized stockkeeping
  • Favorably priced spare parts
  • Low parts diversity.


Our valve program includes:

Single-seat shut-off valves
Single-seat divert valves
Double-seat mixproof shut-off valves
Double-seat mixproof shut-off valves with seat lifting
Double-seat mixproof divert valves
Double-seat mixproof divert valves with seat lifting
Mixproof sampling valves
Mixproof tank bottom valves
Mixproof valves (pig-able)


Control valves
Overflow valves
Vacuum valves
Safety valves
Sampling valves

Valve types Metric Inch OD Inch IPS
Single seat shut-off valves DN 25 – DN 150 1” – 4” 2” – 6”
Single seat shuttle valves DN 25 – DN 150 1” – 4” 2” – 6”
Single seat longstroke valves DN 65 – DN 100 2,5” – 4”
Mixproof valves DN 25 – DN 150 1” – 4” 2” – 6”
Mixproof valves, pig-able DN 40 – DN 100 1,5” – 4”
Mixproof shuttle valves DN 25 – DN 150 1” – 4” 2” – 6”
Mixproof bottom valves DN 25 – DN 150 1,5” – 4” 2” – 6”
Modulating control valves DN 25 – DN 125 1” – 4”

2” – 6”


Many of these valve types are EHEDG certified and meet the 3A standards. All of our valve series can be combined with T.VIS® control tops

ECOVENT® Single Seat Valves

ECOVENT® Single-Seat Shut-off valve

With our ECOVENT® program, we offer a valve series covering single-seat shut-off valves  and shuttle valves. ECOVENT® valves are based on the VARIVENT® philosophy and offer a cost-effective product with basic functions.


Seat valves
Metric: DN 10 – DN 100
Inch OD: 1“ – 4“

T-smart Valve Series

T-smart Valves

Our T-smart valve series is designed for basic functions; it is favorably priced and designed for standard applications.

The T-smart valve series is characterized by standardized products, while still offering the necessary variations (e.g. body combinations, seals, feedback options). Clearly assigned item numbers simplify the selection and ordering process.

The T-smart valves stand out for their small, compact design. The resulting low weight enables easy handling and operation of the valve.

 This valve series includes:


The new T-smart butterfly valve series is a cost-effective shut-off device in piping systems, valve blocks and panels for product and CIP operation. The T-smart butterfly valve offers a wide range of advantages to the benefit of the user: hygienic design, ease of maintenance, reduced cleaning cycles, reduced installation and maintenance - achieving overall an economical production in the process plant.


Seat valves
Metric: DN 25 – DN 100
Inch OD: 1“ – 4“


Butterfly valves
Metric: DN 15 – DN 150
Inch OD: ½“ – 4“

For a complete aseptic valve portfolio, please contact our partner company GEA Aseptomag.

VESTA® Valve Block

Our VESTA® sterile valves provides the market with a valve series suitable for applications from laboratory up to highly complex process plants for the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics and food industries.

VESTA® sterile valves prevent product contamination from the outside, ensure that the process system stays free of germs. VESTA® sterile valves fully meet the operational requirements for processes at the highest level, comply with the strictest safety regulations and provide a high quality product.

The product range of VESTA® sterile valves includes standard valves, tank bottom valves, valve blocks (shuttle valves), mixed matched valves, sampling valves and VESTA® multiport.


Metric: DN 10 – DN 100
Inch OD: 0.5“ – 4“
ISO: 13.5 – 114.3